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Class dojo is awesome. Students react well to it. They can see their own progress and evolution over the course of a few weeks/months. The parents can also get more in depth ideas about how their child is in class. The app is simple to use, well designed and fun to use. Great use of technology in the classroom.


Application ttooppp

Only updates with one day of delay

The new version is worse on usability and IT takes longer to update. We has ir real time before!!

Doesnt work

My request to join Class Dojo with my class has been pending for several months. Support doesnt answer.

Good,can add more functionality though


Amazing app

It is a wonderful to keep in touch with the teachers.


Love this app! Keeps me in touch with the teacher and class activities!


Very Reliable best teacher / class / parent communication interface

Great conversation starter after school.

This app is wonderful for starting conversations with my kid after school: "your teacher gave you +1 for active listening. Can you tell me more?" As a software developer, Im excited to see that this is an open source application. Very well put together.

Issue iphone 5

New release issue, not able to see message and status of the child activity

Points do not load

I have tried on every device I have at my house and the class dojo points will not load. I will only have one day where it says my points for that day.


Very good but you cant see your points all in one


Easy to use. My daughters teacher uses it and its amazing!

Love the app but ...

I wish I could see back further than a week. Or see the entire month at once.


Amazing app for parents to see what there kids are doing at school.

Great app!

I can see how my daughters day at school is going as almost a live feed as her teacher is uploading pictures and movies during the day!

Great communication tool.

This is an excellent parent communication tool. I can share class stories or individual progress reports.

Big brother watching

One the best app for school you can monitor your kids progress and behaviour and you can communicate with the teachers and know what is happening in the classroom. Keep up the good work

So cool!

I can be in touch with our teacher daily... She replies almost instantly. Love the simplicity of the app too!

ClassDojo is great for fun and communication!

Its great to see what my child is doing and ways to inspire her to get more involved in school while learning and having fun.

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